New suburbs from the builder

About proekteZhiloy Olkhovka complex is located just 19 kilometers from Moscow on the direction of the village Kashirskoye Volodarsky. It is easily accessible by car or by bus or taxi from the subway station Domodedovo. The proximity of a residential complex with a large forested area and the river Pakhra will always let you breathe fresh and clean air, which is so lacking in the city. The third phase of construction is the 4th house of variable height 10.7 storeys. Commissioning of 3 and 4 at home in September 2012. Apartments from 43 500 rub. / Kv.m. Transportnaya availability – 19 km. By MKADRazvitaya инфраструктураБлагоприятная environmental obstanovkaStoimost from 43, 500 rub./kv.m.1, 2,3,4 – room kvartiryUluchshennye planning resheniyaSovremennye technology строительстваРазрешительная dokumentatsiyaNovostroyki suburbs of Moscow zastroyschikaNovostroyki economy class from the builder sold in the village near the Volodarsky MKAD. Novostroyki in the suburbs of builder have different versions of the layout. You can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4-room apartment, the most convenient for all members semi. Vazhnoe advantage of new buildings in the suburbs of economy class from the builder is a combination of ecological zones, proximity to the capital and infrastructure. Near the buildings in the village of Volodarsky and the surrounding area has all the necessary service facilities: shops, stores, and educational organizations – a kindergarten, school and sports and recreational tsentr. Takoe combination of comfort and cleanliness of the environment is not available residents of the metropolis. Buy from the builder new building in the suburbs and enjoy the benefits of living in a clean area can now be profitable to buy a new building usloviyah. Pochemu profitable in the suburbs from the builder? New Economy class suburbs from the builder will be cheaper if you buy it at the construction stage. Shelter from the builder – is the most economical way to purchase their own flats. The cost of such real estate is much lower. Due to the high rate of construction of modern technology in a year you will be able to enter their new homes.

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